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FAQs on Business Law & Helpful Links

A business is a dynamic environment where one miscalculation can have detrimental ramifications for months or years to come. As such, it is vital to have experienced legal counsel available to help you through the process of starting a business, dealing with employee disputes, creating contracts or litigating claims. The lawyers of The Law Office of William H. Walker, Chartered, with more than 37 years of experience, provide valuable insight into the world of business law and are easily accessible should you wish to contact us with any questions.

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What questions should I ask a lawyer before my first visit and on my first visit?

  1. What documents should I bring to the first visit? An initial meeting with a potential or new attorney is most productive when the attorney is actually able to review and analyze documents involved. You should ask if there are specific documents you should bring with you. Generally, it is good to bring any documents which are obviously connected to the matter you wish to discuss.
  2. Is a substantial part of your practice in the area of law which I am concerned about? Attorneys often handle a wide variety of types of legal issues. It may be crucial to your case that you hire an attorney who is very experienced in the area of law which is of concern to you.
  3. How do you handle client communication? Some clients want to know every step of the way what is happening with their situation. Other clients just want to know about the important issues. It is advisable to ask a potential attorney what their communication style is so you find an attorney with whom you are able to work easily and comfortably.
  4. What level of personal attention will I receive? One of the most frequent complaints about attorneys is that they fail to respond to clients. Asking this question at the beginning of your relationship may help you choose an attorney who will provide the level of personal attention you need.
    1. Do you return phone calls? This may seem obvious, but it is not. The inability to reach your lawyer is one of the most frustrating things a client can experience. Communication with the client is critical to the establishment and continuation of a good work relationship in any business, including law firms.
    2. Do I get copies of documents relating to my file? Many law firms do not routinely provide their clients with copies of pleadings, motions, letters and other documents. You should inquire about the lawyer's policy on copying clients with relevant documents.
  5. Do you charge for an initial conference? Some lawyers advertise free consultations; however, in the business context, there are often times when we can provide a solution to your problem during the initial meeting. In those situations, we charge you for our time in the initial meeting and nothing more. For situations that do require more work, we offer a wide range of fee options and invite you to call us to discuss those options.
  6. What should I be doing now? This is a very important question to ask your attorney at the very beginning of your relationship. The answer may help you avoid making mistakes such as failing to preserve evidence or actions which may further complicate your situation.

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What questions should I ask a lawyer if I think I might be involved in a lawsuit?

  1. What experience do you have trying business cases to verdict? Only a small percentage of cases in the U.S. Judicial System end up in a trial where a jury or judge decides the case. In trial work, experience counts. Additionally, our significant trial experience allows us to help you with your transactional needs, since we are more aware of potential litigation issues which can exist in any business.
  2. Do you have the time and resources to take my case? Not all cases are created equal. You want to make sure the lawyer you hire is able to dedicate the time and resources necessary to properly handle your case as well as the ability to bring in expert witnesses when necessary.
  3. What time commitment should I expect? Sometimes cases require the client to spend substantial time assessing issues, gathering evidence and preparing for the various stages of litigation. It is important to know at the beginning what that commitment may be so you can plan accordingly.
  4. What are the steps in the process? The steps in the process vary by case and may depend on what goals you wish to accomplish. Asking this question at the beginning can help you prepare and assess what you will need to do to assist your lawyer.
  5. What are the alternatives to resolving any case, other than a trial? Florida law provides several methods to settle a case, and they can be used at almost any time. Mediation, arbitration and settlement conferences are all available as options to consider?
  6. How much will a lawsuit cost me? It is very difficult to estimate the cost of a lawsuit without specific information; however, depending on the type of matter involved, compensation arrangements may include fees charged hourly, flat fee arrangements, contingent fee arrangements, or a combination which meets the financial needs of the client. We aim to balance the costs and rewards of lawsuits and keep our clients informed of the options they have throughout the process. Please call us today to discuss your particular situation?

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